United Kingdom TRAX Association.

The constitution.

Well basically to promote TRAX in the UK. Assisting clubs to make TRAX available, organise and assist with organising tournaments and generally letting everyone know what a good thing it is to play TRAX.

Official constitution will appear here once I've typed it up and it's contents have been agreed.

If you buy a TRAX set, you can get free membership of the UKTA for one year by returning the registration slip inside the box. If there wasn't one, send your address, where you bought the set and when to trax@rapidagent.netkonect.co.uk

Individual membership renewal costs £5.00 per year. Benefits include:

* Quality quarterly newsletter.
* Free entry in tournaments.
* Discounts on other products from RapidAgent.
Associate membership is also available for clubs at £4.00 per year for each member. Benefits include
* Quality quarterly newsletter for each member.
* Free entry for members in tournaments and assistance with organisation of own tournaments.
* Discounts on TRAX sets and other products from RapidAgent.

Comments to: trax@rapidagent.netkonect.co.uk
Last modified: 3rd September 1996