United Kingdom TRAX Association.


Places where you can play TRAX and/or meet other TRAX players. More specific contact details might be provided later if you're lucky.
* Stephen Tavener's house, Colliers Wood, London.
* Small Furry Swiggers, London?
* Royal Holloway GameSoc pub meet, every thursday evening, "The Royal Ascot", Egham Hill, Surrey.
* Burton-upon-Trent Games Club.
* De Montfort University Games club, Leicester.
* Swansea University Games club.
* Bristol University Games club.
* St. Andrews University Games club.
* Imperial College Chess club, London.
* The Games Centre, Herne Bay.
* Nottingham and Derby Wargames Club.
* Albion Guard Games club.
* Deptford Adult Games club.
* Hinckley Adventure Games club, Leicester.
* Man 'o' War, Manchester.
* South Beds Immortals.
* Humberside club somewhere.
* Thatchmeet, Devon.
* The Link Club, Birchwood, Warrington (school age.)
* Richard's PBEM server.

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Last modified: 3rd September 1996